Current Contracts

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United States Air Force Family Advocacy Program (FAP EAST)

Supports and advocates for Air Force families in 15 states and 22 Air/Joint Bases.


National Museum of Health and Medicine

Supports the Museum's activities to participate in and promote the awareness of consultation, education, and research activities between the military and civilian medical communities.

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Defense Travel System

Provides expert IT support to the U.S. Army's Travel Program, both CONUS and OCONUS.


       •        541513 (Computer Facilities Management Services)
       •        541330 (Engineering Services)
       •        541519 (Other Computer Related Services)
       •        541611 (Administrative Management and General Consulting Services)
       •        541618 (Other Management Consulting Services)
       •        541690 (Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services)
       •        561110 (Office Administrative Services)
       •        624190 (Other Individual and Family Services)