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United States Air Force Family Advocacy Program (FAP EAST)

Supports the United States Air Force in 15 states and 22 Air/Joint Bases by providing qualified clinical (master’s degree) social workers, U.S. licensed registered nurses, and Family Advocacy Program (FAP) staff personnel to enhance Air Force readiness by promoting family and community health and resilience.



Supports the states of Michigan, Delaware and Georgia to provide behavioral health consultation services for Army National Guard service members (SM) and their families, thereby promoting mental fitness and personal wellness for operational readiness and reintegration to civilian life.

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Teammate to STARGATES, Inc.


National Museum of Health and Medicine

Supports the Museum's activities to participate in and promote the awareness of consultation, education, and research activities between the military and civilian medical communities.

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Supports organizational design and model development to Booz Allen Hamilton on this multi-year Task Order with the Defense Health Agency (DHA) supporting DHA Component Acquisition Executive (J-4) and supporting divisions.



Supports executive and directorate administration to TACG for the Center for Disease Control headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.


• 334210 Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing
• 511210 Computer Software Publishing
• 512110 Motion Picture & Video Production
• 512120 Motion Picture & Video Distribution
• 518210 Data Processing, Hosting & Related Services
• 541330 Engineering Services
• 541370 Surveying & Mapping (except geophysical) Services
• 541511 Custom Computer Programming Services
• 541512 Computer Systems Design Services
• 541513 Computer Facilities Management Services (Primary)
• 541519 Other Computer Related Services
• 541611 Administrative Management & General Management Consulting Services
• 541612 Human Resources Consulting Services
• 541618 Other Management Consulting Services
• 541690 Other Scientific & Technical Consulting Services
• 541990 All Other Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
• 561110 Office Administrative Services
• 561210 Facilities Support Services
• 561330 Professional Employer Organizations
• 561422 Telemarketing Bureaus & Other Contact Centers
• 561990 All Other Support Services
• 611420 Computer Training
• 611430 Professional & Management Development Training
• 611512 Flight Training
• 611699 All Other Miscellaneous Schools & Instruction
• 611710 Educational Support Services
• 621610 Home Health Care Services
• 624190 Other Individual & Family Services
• 811212 Computer & Office Machine Repair & Maintenance